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Questions and Answers

What is AdvaHealth Solutions?

We create products that help improve the operations of medical imaging organisations. Our aim is to empower clients to achieve more, with less effort and waste. We do this through solutions like cloud-based reporting software, advanced image routing, teleradiology solutions, technology integration services and more.

Who is AdvaHealth Solutions?

Our founders have lived and breathed medical imaging, with experience as medical practitioners, business directors and operational staff. We understand the challenge of delivering high-quality healthcare with limited resources, and we’re dedicated to making things easier. Today, we employ a global team that’s passionate about making an impact in the organisations we serve.

Where do you operate?

We operate from offices in Hong Kong, Vietnam, Singapore, Australia and New Zealand. Our products and services are designed for flexibility and can be tailored to suit private and public medical imaging organisations around the world.

What types of organisations do you work with?

Our solutions can be scaled up or down to suit your needs. We work with small, medium and large organisations, in both private and public sectors. This includes medical groups, hospitals, dedicated diagnostic imaging centres, as well as teleradiology providers. Our solutions can also serve other medical sectors which need to manage, store and access medical imaging, such as oncology, ophthalmologists, veterinary and the like.

How are your products and services different?

Creating value is one of our guiding principles and it drives everything that we do. Our products and services are unique because they’re designed to integrate with and improve, your existing technology and processes. Our aim is to help you maximise what you’ve got, not sell you solutions that you don’t need.

How can I find out if your products/services are right for my organisation?

You can contact our team to arrange a free consultation or simply to get some of your questions answered. Start a conversation with us using any of the contact methods below:

Email: [email protected]

Singapore & International: (+65) 3129 3700
New Zealand: 0800 700 091
Australia: 1300 358 060
Hong Kong: 3001 6125

How do we support our clients with implementation?

We take a consultative approach with our clients. When you engage us, we’ll make time to understand how you operate and what you need.  Great software is only part of the equation it is not the only component to successful implementation. It requires change management, planning work processes and systems analysis.  We do not want to sell our software to an organisation unless we believe it is going to deliver significant value, we have also experienced operators in the ‘Real World’ and can lead our customers through the process of change management and work processes and flow that is critical to success.

What is DICOM?

DICOM stands for Digital Imaging and Communications in Medicine. It’s a communication standard that’s used for handling medical information created by medical equipment. DICOM was originally developed by the Medical Imaging and Technology Alliance (MITA).

What is HL7?

Health Level Seven, or HL7, is a set of international standards for transferring clinical and administrative data between software applications used by healthcare providers.

What’s the advantage of cloud-based services?

Cloud-based software and services offer many powerful benefits to organisations, including cost savings, flexibility, mobility (access data from anywhere), disaster recovery and greater sustainability. Cloud-based computing and data management has been in mainstream use for more than 20 years and is fast becoming an essential tool for modern healthcare organisations.

Is the cloud safe and secure?

Advanced security is built into all our cloud-based solutions and remains a top priority for our team. Our products are highly-secure, using encryption, cloud-native technologies and intrusion monitoring and detection to minimise risk. In many cases, cloud-based software can help you more easily meet data handling compliance requirements.

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